Mural Walking Tour

It's summertime in Chicago and that means popsicles, hanging out by the lake, and mural season. Our city is a rich tapestry of street art waiting to be enjoyed. Continue supporting our local art scene by learning more about artist run tours and the artists involved on our walk.

Tour Map

We've made a custom map to help you navigate the tour. Please click the button below to launch the custom Google map in a new browser window.


Please support the artists on our tour by visiting their online work and following them on social. There are additional artists on the tour that are not listed below. However, if you come across an artist that you would like to learn more about, look for their Instagram handle near the piece.

Ali 6

BboyB of ABC

Mac Blackout

Jason Brammer

Lisa Beggs

Kristine Campbell

Owen Dippie

Flash of ABC



Ryan Tova Katz

Myron Laban

Key Detail

Mauricio Ramirez


Sick Fisher

Victor Ving

Wizard Skull

Jeff Zimmerman